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16 Amp Programmable Digital Thermostat

The UFSTAT00 is an easy-to-use programmable clock thermostat providing sophisticated timed management of your underfloor heating system. Using this thermostat enables you to switch on your heating system at pre-determined times on different days of the week. It is possible to set four periods called ‘events’ each day with different temperatures.

Easy menu navigation and programming in 5 different languages

Built-in clock function for automatic comfort and setback temperaturesThin clock thermostat, giving the installer an easier job

Built-in schedule ready for use. Delivered with factory-set program

Graphical backlit display for ease of use

Product Info
Price (inc VAT)
Picture of 16 Amp Programmable Digital Thermostat
5-10 Days
16 Amp Programmable Digital Thermostat