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Quartz Discharge

Osram Powerstar HQI-T

  • G12 lamps
  • Available in 70W and 150W in both warm white (WDL) and neutral daylight (NDL)
  • Compact single ended quartz metal halide lamp
  • Ideal for high quality economical lighting

Osram Powerstar HQI-TS Excellence

  • High luminous efficacy and excellent colour rendering
  • Quartz arc tube
  • Ideal for high quality economical lighting
  • This product is RoHS compliant and is covered by WEEE

Philips MASTERColour CDM-TD

  • The MasterColor CDM metal halide lamps deliver consistent white light and higher color rendering than any standard metal halide source for architectural lighting

Philips MASTERColour CDM-TC

  • Philips MASTERcolour CDM-TC is single ended & very compact
  • High efficiency metal halide lamp with stable colour over its lifetime and a crisp, sparkling light
  • The UV block quartz outer bulb for reduced fading of merchandise
  • Available in 35W and 70W in warm white and cool white

Philips MHN-TD

  • Double-envelope, single or double ended Metal Halide lamps
  • Quartz discharge tube containing high pressure mercury
  • All types are UV-Block for reduced health and fading risks
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